... to Helene Moser, Helmos Fisio Imagination Moving Physiotherapy, Franklin-Method®, Movement Pedagogy

Our body understands to heal itself! My ambition is to support this natural mechanism with therapies and relevant instructions and to impart to you tools and awareness for a healthy body.


Every human is unique

To cultivate this aspect with its absolute beauty in our stressing daily life is very important to me. To conceive and to spread enjoyment of life as well as expressing my “own colour” are genuine desires of mine.
My personal philosophy: Live a good life.
If I’m doing fine, also my surrounding will do fine and so will the whole world, too.
I’m an exceptional – maybe also irreformable – optimist, who is full of dreams and I hope to be infectious with it. I posses a longstanding experience – since 1993 – in physiotherapy and since 2002 I am a certified therapist of Franklin-Method®. My profound knowledge ranges from respiratory therapy and neurological rehabilitation, manual therapy, training therapy, pelvic base rehabilitation up to Shiatsu and Franklin-Method®, that holistically apperceives and analyses complaints.