Portrait Helene Moser

Helene Moser

I grew up on a farm close to lake Constance. My preferences and admiration for nature as well as my urge for exercise have been a part of mine since I was born. Already in my childhood, dancing was my favourite and it has been ever since. I also practice Capoeira, do climbing, practice alpinism, play the piano, and I like to travel.

My view of the world has been strongly influenced by attending grammar school and travelling. Based upon my interest in alien cultures, I have also learned their languages, which enabled me to learn even more about them. During my education to become a physiotherapist in Leukerbad, I also had the opportunity to learn French pretty well. I’m also comfortable with Italian and English language. Currently, my favourite language is Portuguese.

In 1993 I learned about the Franklin-Method® didn’t loose its fascination on me from that time on. I decided to start with this interesting and exciting education that I graduated in by 2002 as a Franklin-Method® therapist. During that time I continuously attended further trainings regarding various physiotherapeutic topics.

I work as a self-employed physiotherapist, shiatsu therapist and a therapist utilising the Franklin-Method®. Within the field of the Franklin-Method® I’m working as a guest lecturer in Switzerland and abroad. I train apprentices. I’m head lecturer for physiotherapists. I conduct workshops at the Institute for Franklin-Method®. I also provide my courses in Switzerland and abroad.

Since 28.02.2004, I’m avocational the acting president of the Association Franklin-Method Swiss (VFMS).